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1st RT-LAMP paper published

01 Apr 2022

Though it took a while, our first RT-LAMP paper is finally not only on bioRxiv but is ‘officially’ out in Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences! This has been an amazing collaborative effort with Julius Brennecke and Andi joining forces during the pandemic to lead a team of students who spearheaded the development of a cheap, open-access and sensitive RT-LAMP-based SARS-CoV-2 assay for laboratory and home-based testing during the pandemic.

Congratulations to all authors, particularly first authors Max Kellner, Julian Ross and Jakob Schnabl, and all of our campus-wide (VCDI initiative) as well as national & international collaborators (Manuela Foedinger & team, Andrew Straw, Luis Aries-Menendez), and a big thank you to our institutes’ directors for supporting our efforts throughout the pandemic!

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Pauli lab beer hour

18 Mar 2022


After a long break due to the pandemic, Friday Social Hours are back at the VBC! Although not everyone was able to join (well, the pandemic is sadly not yet over…), those that could had lots of fun and enjoyed fishy puns, good (non-fishy) food and our ‘under-water party’ going strong till midnight! Thanks to everyone from the lab who helped to organize it and make it a big success!

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ERC Consolidator Grant for the Pauli lab

17 Mar 2022

Congratulations to Andi and the entire Pauli lab for securing one of this year’s 313 ERC Consolidator Grants (big congrats also to Yasin Dagdas from the GMI for making it two for the VBC campus)!

The Pauli lab aims to use the 2 Million Euros of funding over the next 5 years to shed light on the underlying mechanism of fertilisation in vertebrates. A particularly focus will be on uncovering the molecular basis of sperm-egg recognition and fusion, with the long-term vision of reconstituting a functional fertilization interface in vitro.

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