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Zebrafish Course at MBL in Woods Hole

06 Aug 2019

If you are a scientist and have been to the Marine Biological Labs in Woods Hole in summer, you will always want to come back to this buzzing environment full of eminent scientists and positive vibe :) This year was a first for the Pauli lab to take part in the zebrafish course in three different roles: as ‘student’ (future postdoc Victoria Deneke), as ‘TA’ (current PhD student Jessica Stock), and as faculty (Andi). Irrespective of our role, we had a fantastic time!

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June/July = conference time!

29 Jul 2019

The Pauli lab was well represented at meetings which reflect the breadth of topics that we are interested (in a wider sense…) in the Pauli lab:

  • Frieda represented us at the RNA Society meeting in Krakow, Poland
  • Jessica represented us at the Society of Developmental Biology meeting in Boston, US
  • Krista and Victoria (postdoc to-be), together with Andi, attended the Gordon Conference for Fertilization and Activation of Development in New Hampshire, US
  • Andi was also presenting the newest on Bouncer and more at the Zebrafish Disease Model meeting in Boston, the Society of Reproductive Biology meeting in San Jose and at talks at Stanford University and USC, Los Angeles (thanks to Tonia Hafner and Oli Bell for hosting!).

I think it’s safe to say that we have learnt a lot, got new ideas, had many fruitful discussions and expanded our scientific network (and met old friends on the way!).

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Bouncer paper highlighted in F1000prime

05 Jul 2019

Bouncer made it into F1000prime! “…This wonderful research indicates that studies in model organisms, even on species-unique genes, continue to provide paradigms that can be used to guide work in more complex mammalian systems.” You can read the full recommendation from Hila Toledano here.

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