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Andi selected to become an EMBO Young Investigator

20 Nov 2018

Andi is one of 26 researchers selected to become an EMBO Young Investigator. For the coming three years, Andi and her lab will benefit from the great EMBO YIP community and possibilities to network with other young and well-established scientists.

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Mattias Lauwers and Science-Slam Awards for PhD students from the Pauli Lab

09 Nov 2018

Two success stories from the Pauli lab:

Congratulations to Sarah Herberg for winning the Mattias Lauwers Award 2018! Sarah was nominated by her fellow VBC students for the best Monday seminar presentation of the year.

Congratulations to Quio (Luis Enrique Cabrera Quio) for winning the first ever Science-Slam at the VBC PhD Symposium 2018! Amongst all the great and creative contributions, Quio’s dancing performance - “RNA: the musical”, sang by Krista Gert - thrilled the audience, and showed off amazing, hidden talents!

Big congratulations to Sarah, Quio & Krista!

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VBC PhD Symposium 2018 "Metamorphosis - Transforming Science"

08 Nov 2018

For this year’s VBC PhD Symposium – an entirely student-run event – students had chosen the theme ‘Metamorphosis – Transforming Science’. The event brought together scientists from various disciplines ranging from technology, communication, health and environment, and was a big success. It also featured the very first (hopefully more to come!) installation of Science-Slam talks. Jessica Stock was one of the co-organizers of this event, and designed the very creative and beautiful poster.

Congrats to such a successful symposium!

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