Lab News

Welcome to Friederike

01 Apr 2018

Welcome to Friederike, a former PhD student in Alipasha Vaziri’s lab at the IMP!

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Welcome to Lisa

15 Feb 2018

Welcome to Lisa, the newest addition to the Pauli lab crew. Lisa has joined us as a Master student - welcome on board!

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Visit to Haus des Meeres

20 Jan 2018

The Pauli lab was treated to an in-depth tour of the Haus des Meeres given by the deputy director and curator, Daniel Abed-Navandi. He taught us a lot about the different species on display, and gave us a behind-the-scenes look of how the aquarium operates. Some of the cool organisms we were able to see included a poisonous cone snail species, lots of little jellyfish, and the aquarium’s thriving seahorse population.

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Be(er) (h)our guest

12 Jan 2018

Once upon a time at the IMP…

On the 12th of January, the Pauli lab turned the IMP into a whole new world when holding their Disney-themed beer hour. With princesses on cupcakes and a magical potion from Merlin’s cauldron, everyone gathered for the evening and enjoyed the bare necessities of life. Hakuna matata!

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IMP & IMBA Christmas Party

21 Dec 2017

Despite adverse weather conditions everyone who made it to the Ice-Skating ring for the IMP & IMBA Xmas party had a great time. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Pauli lab!

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Xmas Scavenger Hunt of the Pauli & Obenauf Labs

13 Dec 2017

Wednesday night saw model organisms gone loose in the Museum of Natural History in Vienna. The Pauli and Obenauf labs teamed up for a Xmas Scavenger Hunt as Drosophila melanogaster, Mus musculus, Ambystoma mexicanum and Danio rerio to take a picture with the scariest animal, rebuild the IMP logo and much more. Thanks to Manuela Steurer for the great questions that made this such a memorable and fun event!

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Visit of students from Rosensteingasse

17 Nov 2017

Students from the HBLVA Rosensteingasse were visiting us today to get a glimpse of working at an international research institute, and of course to see our zebrafish! There were lots of questions and interesting discussions - thanks Karin for helping answer them all! We had a great time showing our visitors around, and it seemed that they enjoyed the ‘lab-outing’, too!

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Lab outing to Gansl dinner

06 Nov 2017

It’s Gansl-season (goose-season) in Austria. The Pauli lab did not miss out and enjoyed a typical Gansl dinner at Rudi’s Beisel. So many geese!

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Welcome to our new students, Krista, Frieda and Xue

01 Oct 2017

The Pauli lab is growing.
Welcome to our three new students: Krista and Frieda, our new PhD students; and Xue, who will be a shared Master student with the Cochella lab.

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Three good reasons for a lab-dinner

28 Sep 2017

We don’t need a reason to meet up for a lab-dinner, but this time there were in fact three!

  • to say goodbye and thank you to our ‘fastest genotyper’ Nina - you have made everyone’s life so much easier by helping with the genotyping! Good luck and all the best for your future career in the office!
  • to say goodbye and thank you to our intern Lisa - have fun in Boston at the Whitehead Institute for your Master thesis!
  • to welcome our new PhD student, Frieda Leesch!

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Welcome to Lisa for her internship!

01 Sep 2017

Welcome to Lisa who came ‘all the way from Krems University’ for joining us for an internship!

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Pauli Lab Retreat to Gustav’s Castle

12 Aug 2017

The Pauli Lab headed to Gustav’s Castle at the Rax for three days of fun and science. Who would have thought that each one of us would climb up a 20m high pole (and jump down), and hike up the Predigtstuhl? Great team-play!

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July = Conference time for Pauli lab members!

30 Jul 2017

July was conference time!

  • Jessica attended the 10th European Zebrafish Meeting in Budapest, Hungary;
  • Sarah & Andi attended the Gordon Research Conference for Fertilization & Activation of Development at Holderness School, NH, USA;
  • Quio attended the EMBO Conference on RNA localization and local translation in Barga, Italy.

Lots of food for thought and interesting discussions, and great to meet new people and catch up with old friends and colleagues!

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Tiago joins the lab as VBC Summer Student

01 Jul 2017

Welcome to Tiago, who came all the way from Brazil to join us as a VBC (Vienna BioCenter) Summer Student! Tiago = expert in jumping photos :)

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Andi gets the START Grant

21 Jun 2017

Andi was awarded an FWF START Grant for investigating the functions of uncharacterized translated regions during embryogenesis!

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IMP wins the Dragon Boat Cup

10 Jun 2017

Karin and Andi were members of the successful IMPerfectos, the already legendary IMP Dragon Boating team. This year, the IMPerfectos managed to put everything on the line and managed to bring the title back to the IMP by a photo-finish! Big congrats to the whole team!

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Krista defends her Master thesis

01 Jun 2017

Congratulations to Krista for successfully defending her master’s thesis at her “home” university (Linköping University) in Sweden!

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March for Science in Vienna

22 Apr 2017

Members of the Pauli lab joined in with colleagues from the Vienna Biocenter (IMP, IMBA, GMI, MFPL) to March for Science in Vienna.

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Official opening of the new IMP

01 Mar 2017

While we have already been happily working here for a few months, today was the official opening ceremony of the new IMP building with high-profile guests including scientist Emmanuelle Charpentier and Austrian president Hugo van der Bellen! Big thank you to Boehringer Ingelheim for the investment into hopefully many more years of exciting science at the IMP!

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Krista joins the lab as a master student

15 Jan 2017

Welcome to Krista, the very first master student in the Pauli lab!

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Pauli & Obenauf lab outing

20 Dec 2016

The Pauli and Obenauf Labs joined forces in “Eisstock-Schiessen” at the Danube Canal in Vienna before heading to a well-deserved Christmas dinner.

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Quio is awarded a BIF fellowship

17 Nov 2016

Congratulations to Quio for being awarded the Boehringer Ingelheim PhD fellowship!

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IMP is on the move

14 Nov 2016

The whole IMP is moving just around the corner (or in fact ‘across the bridge’) to our new home, the brand-new IMP building! Fantastic effort by everyone involved in the planning, organization and execution of the logistic master-piece.

A note on the side: The Pauli lab has the largest number of ‘members’ in the new building - our ~5000 fish arrived happily in their new facility on the top floor!

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Jessica joins the lab as a PhD student

01 Nov 2016

Welcome to the Pauli Lab, Jessica!

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Sarah wins DOC Fellowship

15 Sep 2016

Congratulations to Sarah for winning a DOC fellowship from the Austrian Academy of Science (OEAW)!

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Our first paper is online!

12 Aug 2016

The Pauli lab’s first manuscript is online: “Decoding sORF translation – from small proteins to gene regulation”! Congratulations, Quio and Sarah!

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Lab-Trip to the USA

09 Aug 2016

Fully in line with the Pauli lab motto: combine science & fun.

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Krista joins the lab as a summer student

01 Jul 2016

Welcome to Krista, who will join us for two months as a summer student!

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IMP/IMBA Ski-trip

12 Mar 2016

The Pauli lab joins the whole IMP+IMBA for the already legendary yearly skiing-trip. This year we went to Villach for some awesome skiing, snowboarding and sledging! Well done to Sarah and Quio for their first ever snow-boarding/skiing!

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PhD course for Sarah and Quio

30 Jan 2016

Sarah and Quio get to know the ins and outs of being a PhD student at the VBC (Vienna Biocenter).

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Welcome-2016-dinner at Andi’s place

04 Jan 2016

A good start into the new year with the first edition of a Pauli lab dinner at Andi’s place!

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Quio joins the lab as a PhD student

01 Dec 2015

1 + 1 = 2! Welcome to Quio, the second PhD student of the Pauli lab!

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Joint lab retreat with the Heisenberg lab from the IST

20 Nov 2015

The Pauli lab joined CP Heisenberg’s lab for a fun+science lab retreat near Renz, close to the Czech border.

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Sarah joins the lab as a PhD student

01 Nov 2015

Welcome to the Pauli lab’s very first PhD student Sarah!

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IMP gets its very first zebrafish!

29 Oct 2015

Our first fish are here and happily swimming around in their shiny tanks in our brand-new fish facility! With this, IMP got about 3000 new (mostly still underage) members!

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IMP gets a fish facility!

30 Sep 2015

A former microscope room at the IMP is converted into a state-of-the-art fish facility. Amazing what one can build within a month! Thanks to Tecniplast and everyone from the IMP who helped together to make this happen!

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Launch of the Pauli lab at the IMP

07 Sep 2015

Andi arrives in Vienna, and with the first lab member Karin being already on board, the Pauli lab is officially alive! Let the fun start!

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Karin visits Andi in Boston, Harvard University

30 Aug 2015

Karin visits Andi in Boston to learn the ins-and-outs of zebrafish from the master of the Schier lab fish facility, Steve Zimmerman!

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