Otto Hahn Medal and Otto Hahn Award for Ida

12 Jun 2024

Huge congratulations to Ida Jentoft for receiving not only the Otto Hahn Medal but also the Otto Hahn Award from the Max Planck Society for her PhD work in Melina Schuh’s lab at the MPI Göttingen! In her PhD, Ida discovered that large filamentous structures, so-called cytoplasmic lattices, serve as important maternal protein storage compartment in mammalian oocytes.

For anyone wondering (like us when we heard about it): the Otto Hahn Award provides 2-years of funding to support Ida’s postdoc time abroad and will allow her to establish her own lab at an MPI of her choice after her postdoc – what an amazing and well-deserved recognition!

Here is a link to the news post from the IMP.