Frieda defends her PhD

25 Aug 2023

Immensely proud of Frieda for defending her PhD with flying colors! Big congratulations to Dr. Leesch for a brilliant PhD defense on the ‘Characterization and function of maternal ribosomes during development’.

During her PhD, Frieda launched the entire area of biochemical and structural exploration of translation during zebrafish embryogenesis in a lab with very little expertise in these fields, and did this with great determination, efficiency and success! Thank you for forming a fantastic team with your ‘partner in crime’ in the lab, Laura, and for all your contributions in and outside of the lab, including for introducing us to your favorite hobby, the mushroom ‘hunting’ around Vienna! We wish you all the best for your future postdoc, whereever it will take you!

A huge thank you also to Frieda’s examiners Elif Cenik (Austin University, Texas, USA), Elif Karagöz (Max Perutz Labs, Vienna) and Sebastian Falk (Max Perutz Labs, Vienna) for their insightful questions and discussion during the defense.