A very special Pauli lab beer hour

17 Feb 2023

Back to the 2000s - and Paris Hilton’s birthday (on the 17.2.) - was this year’s motto for our Pauli lab beer hour. This involved getting a live-size version of Paris Hilton printed by our graphics department (thanks Tibor and Hannes!) and a photobooth with Paris Hilton, dressing up according to the 2000s, memorable music from the ‘good old past’ and lots of dancing from the entire Pauli lab! It turned out a huge success and a great opportunity to catch up with the ‘extended Pauli lab family’ with former Pauli lab members that have moved on to other positions on campus. After cleaning up from the party, the Pauli lab has a new problem to solve: what do we do with the live-sized version of Paris Hilton (options range from putting her up in the lab or at the microscope versus getting rid of her).