Ribosome paper published in Nature

18 Jan 2023

A great start into the new year: Our dormant ribosome paper is published in Nature!

Big congratulations to the two master-minds behind this work, PhD student Frieda and postdoc Laura, who joined forces to lead this collaborative and interdisciplinary work, in which we went all the way from developmental biology and genetics in zebrafish to biochemistry and structural biology. A huge thank you to our key collaborator David Haselbach (IMP) and his lab (particularly Irina Grishkovskaya) for contributing and sharing their expertise in CryoEM. Obtaining structures of the dormant egg ribosomes in zebrafish and Xenopus was crucial for finding out that Dap1b ‘plugs’ the ribosome by being inserted into the polypeptide exit tunnel. A big thank you also to all other members of the Pauli lab (Carina, Josef, Anastasia) who contributed to this story, and all other collaborators from the VBC campus, including our fantastic mass-spectrometry facility (Karl Mechtler, Elisabeth Roitinger, Manuel Matzinger), structural biologist Anton Meinhart (Clausen lab) and Xenopus-expert Tzi-Yang Lin (Tanaka lab), for sharing their expertise. And last but not least, thank you to the reviewers and everyone else that helped along the way!

If you want to know more about our work, here are some links: