Salvadoran internship program in the Pauli lab

21 Jul 2021

We are very happy that our newly launched El Salvadoran internship program has been off to a great start! In June, we welcomed our first scholar, Eduardo Isaac Martinez Barrios, who is a bachelor student at the University of El Salvadore. This new initiative, namely to offer one Salvadoran student per year the possibility to experience and perform top-notch research in one of Europe’s leading research institutions, was initiated by our very own Salvadoran postdoc Victoria.

Over the past two months, Victoria has done a trememdous job in mentoring Eduardo - in fact so good that Eduardo asked us whether he can extend his stay for another month - a request we gladly accepted given that we could not have wished for a more motivated, eager to learn and truly interested first student! It’s been a wonderful experience for both sides - mentor and mentee!!

To read more about our Salvadoran internship program and Eduardo’s stay with us, check out this article on the IMP news page (thanks Mehdi!).

(picture credit to Mehdi Khadraoui)