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All the best to Eduardo

31 Aug 2021

This week we also said goodbye to Eduardo, a Salvadoran undergraduate student who worked with Victoria this summer. Eduardo was the first student to take part in our initiative to provide a world-class research experience to a talented student from a developing country. We are extremely proud of the work he did in our lab and wish him the very best on his return to El Salvador! We are looking forward to keep providing a space for talented aspiring scientists to grow and flourish. Thank you, Eduardo!

For more information on Eduardo’s stay and on the Austria-El Salvador initiative, check out this news post.

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Goodbye to our VBC summer student Mireia

30 Aug 2021

The summer is coming to an end and unfortunately we have to say goodbye to our VBC summer student Mireia Codina. Over the last two months Mireia worked with Jessica on investigating how Toddler regulates mesodermal cell migration. During the final symposium of the VBC summer school Mireia gave an excellent talk and was one of three speakers to be awarded for her work and presentation.

It was such a pleasure to have Mireia in the lab, and the Toddler team will miss her dearly!

For more information on the Vienna BioCenter Summer School, check out this website.

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Annual Review about Sperm-Egg Fusion

26 Jul 2021

A lockdown project came to a very fruitful end: It’s great to see our Annual Review in Cell and Developmental Biology about “The Fertilization Enigma: How Sperm and Egg Fuse” out online!

Big congratulations to Victoria, who was very much the brain behind this review and took the lead on writing. In this review, we ‘merge’ the current knowledge of the fertilization field, with a main focus on mammalian sperm-egg interaction, with ideas and concepts from cell-cell and viral-cell fusion.

We hope that this review will provide a fresh view on the big open questions in the field of fertilization.

A (not-yet-final) version of the review is already available online. Happy reading!

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